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Discover the region

Champagne is the iconic region for classy wine, associated with celebrations and events all over the World. 

Read more about it here, and eventually join us to Champagne!

Discover the region

Reims is the largest city in Champagne and lies around 150 km Northeast of Paris. It takes around an hour and a half to drive there on a traffic free morning (Paris can be a bit congested as any big city). Reims has a beautiful gothic cathedral and is headquarters for some of the most famous Champagne houses, in fact it is quite the norm in the region of Champagne that the cellars are inside the villages dislocated from the actual vineyards that can be spread throughout the whole region. In Reims you have the Roman-Gallic underground chalk tunnels once dug out for building material and now the ideal storage for Champagne bottles doing their obligatory 15 month ageing on the lees.

Chalk is what characterises Reims Mountain's soil, whereas in the Marne Valley you'll found pebble stones and sandier soil. This is where Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier compete to go into the most expensive bubbles in the World. The Nordic climate barely allows for ripening, and of course only thanks to the age-long tradition of the bubbles that can be traced back to the Benedectine monk Dom Perignon, who's thought to be the inventor of Champagne around 1688, the wine gets its shape and final form during the traditional Champenoise method allowing vintages to mix, lees to perform their miniscular miracles during ageing, and the secret portion to sweeten it up a grade or not.

All these elements are Champagne in its core that you can come and experience with us, but then there's the glamour of its history and the different take on style from Champagne maker to maker - to let alone the charming villages & beautiful extensive vineyards.

Definitely worth a day out of Paris to discover more about those divine bubbles!